The first day…

Before I begin I want to thank all those people who read my blog and appreciated my efforts. I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear after I read all the comments and it has encouraged me to share my experiences all the more.

As I said I would give you all a rundown of today’s events here’s the story fresh from the horse’s mouth. The day began with me having an hour’s session with an excited bunch of teenagers who couldn’t wait to get started.

Ice breaking took a completely new form, here I devised an activity around their curriculum (Ib)  where they had to voice their opinions on a set of altered sentences framed around the key concepts of language and literature. The classroom walls were divided into 3 parts 1. agree 2. disagree and 3. partially agree . Students stood in the centre of the room and after each statement took the position near the wall that reflected their opinion, for example I read a statement that said  “Text influences perspective but perspective doesn’t influence the text that we read”  The students gathered against the wall of agree and partially agree and discussed the points and had a dynamic debate with each other on the same.

The enthusiastic and active debate had almost lured me and tempted me to join in but the CELTA learning of being a facilitator held me down. It was an eye opener of sorts to know how  much my young learners knew about language and communication and could carry on the discussion without any help. The whole experience of it all turned me into an eager beaver of sorts and I cant wait to try my hands at something new next week.

Tomorrow as I gear up to meet my youngest learners from MYP 2, I have a few activities planned for them that revolve around grammar topics like verbs and basic tenses. I will keep you posted on how it goes till then wish me luck.



Ice Breaking….

Hii everyone, this is the first time I am using this space to record my work. I work with young adults in an International Baccalaureate school. The school reopens tomorrow and I am all excited to start the academic session with my kids. The learners vary from age 11 to 16 , that is the middle years. After completing my CELTA I have a new perspective towards teaching and I cant wait to try out all those activities and teaching methods with my children.  Tomorrow as I welcome my students I will be using various ice breaker activities like who am I? The happy ball and onion ring to get to know my kids as well as introduce some key concepts of Language and Literature to them.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I will post the results of my endeavors on this page.